Happy Birthday Scorpio!

You are mysterious and strong willed and we want the secrets on how you show that through your wardrobe. The eighth sign of the zodiac; your greatest strength is your determination and motivation.

Scorpios are naturally seductive and slinky as well as being intensely passionate about all aspects of your life. When it comes to fashion, you know exactly how to draw the right about of attention and you are not afraid to show a little skin either!

Scorpios know how to flatter their silhouette with jersey and fitted styles but also integrating feminine silks and laces. Jewel tones like dark blues, reds, purples and blacks are the colors that describe you best. You also love to accent your style with statement accessories like an arm full of gold bracelets chandelier earrings.lava love turq

Scorpios love a little friendly competition regardless the environment. To show you’re game,  take a chance

with your professional look. We love tight midi length skirts this season. They are just long enough to wear

without tights and show off every curve. To avoid pushing the professional limits too far with this look, stick

to a black and white or neutral monochromatic color pallet.

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You work extremely hard so on days off you can sit back and relax. Your casual look is easy and on trend with

the neutral grays. Always clean and crisp. Even though it’s time for the over-sized sweaters and ponchos, you

are sure to wear them with a fitted bottom tucked into your boots.

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Lux Boutique - ShopLuxy - West Hartford Date Night Dress, East Longmeadow Women's Dresses, Women's Date Night Outfits, Dresses, Moto Style Jackets, leather Jacket, Ya Los Angeles, Gracia New YorkAnother awesome style quality that you Scorpio’s havescorpio date night1 is your eye for mixing fabrics. On date night, you go for the elegant sheer dress but you won’t leave the house unless you have your chic leather jacket too.







 When we are looking for a new mysterious and sexy outfit, we are going to look to you for the right advice. We love your look Scorpio!